Chimney Repair in Fairmont

Is your chimney giving you grief? Nothing beats relaxing beside a crackling fire, but if your chimney has been acting up, lighting one can be a dangerous undertaking.

For lasting repairs to a wide variety of chimney problems, you can count on Underwood General Builders Inc. With years of experience keeping the chimneys of Fairmont in top form, nobody is more qualified than us to handle any repairs you require.

Common Chimney Problems

We recommend having your chimney inspected at least once a year to ensure everything is running smoothly. If you’re in between inspections, it’s still smart to keep an eye out for any problems. Here are a few things to look for:


Rust is a sign of excessive moisture, which is likely due to a leak originating either in your chimney or in the roof.


Your chimney is supposed to produce smoke, but if it’s coming out of the sides of the chimney instead of the top, something isn’t working properly.


Over time, your chimney may develop cracks in the mortar or bricks. If you notice this, get in touch with us.


One of the more serious problems, a blockage can be caused by many different things. No matter what the root is, getting it removed right away is essential to your safety.

Chimney Rebuilding

Chimneys can significantly boost the value of your Fairmont home, so if your home has one that isn’t currently in use, Underwood General Builders Inc can restore it so you can take advantage of its benefits. Whenever possible, we will rebuild it using the original materials, so you can enjoy the timeless, classic look of a chimney while ensuring it’s up to code.

If you’ve fallen behind on your chimney maintenance and yours now requires extensive work, don’t worry! We have experience rebuilding chimneys from scratch, so no job is too big for our skilled team.

Trusted Chimney Restoration Company

With the right people taking care of your chimney, it can last for years to come. If you leave repairs up to an inexperienced company though, you can expect to see the same problems come up over and over again. Choosing a company that lacks the right experience never pays off—you may save a bit of money initially, but as time goes on you’ll find yourself paying to have the same issues fixed.

When you start to notice problems with your chimney, don’t waste time with a company that doesn’t know what it’s doing. Go with the company that’s trusted across town thanks to its affordable prices and lasting solutions. Go with Underwood General Builders Inc.

Contact Us Today

Once you work with us once, you’ll understand why so many of our clients have been with us since the very start. Start making the most of your chimney today by getting in touch with Underwood General Builders Inc. When you call, a member of our team can answer any additional questions you may have about our services, as well as provide you with a free, zero obligation quote.